“Your strong love for each other will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John 13:35 Living Bible (TLB)

“Our relationship with each other is the criterion that the world uses to judge whether our message is truthful—Christian community is the final apologetic.” Francis Schaeffer

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Sunday School Classes for ALL Ages

Beginning August 21st

sunday school classes

Youth Summer Trips Quick Facts

youth summer tripFour people from our church attended the first ever LCMC National Youth Gathering. We were the only church to travel from California to Iowa. Over 300 youth made a difference in the community by serving at homeless shelters, thrift stores, Christian camps, and in local parks.

On the Youth Mission Trip, our small team and a few other volunteers made over 1,000 ham and cheese sandwiches in 90 minutes. These sandwiches were served to the homeless people of Los Angeles through the Union Rescue Mission. 1200 meals are served daily at the Mission.

At Confirmation Camp, every day students were asked to serve with a smile. Their duties were setting up the kitchen for a meal, sweeping after a meal, picking up trash, and maintaining trails outdoors.

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