Barnabas Aid

The mission of the Barnabas  is to support Christians where they are in a minority and suffer discrimination, oppression and persecution as a consequence of their faith. Our goal is to strengthen Christian individuals, churches and their communities by providing material and spiritual support in response to needs identified by local Christian leaders.

Barnabas this by making their needs known to Christians around the world, by encouraging prayer and financial giving in support of these brothers and sisters in Christ, working with existing local Christian organisations, and by speaking on their behalf. The Fund channels this aid from donors to the needy recipients with minimum overheads. All gifts are monitored to ensure they are used in line with the stated need.

In accordance with Biblical teaching, Barnabas believes that Christians should treat all people of all faiths with love and compassion, even those who persecute them.

  • Barnabas seeks to meet both practical and spiritual needs.
  • Barnabas direct said only to Christians, although its benefits may not be exclusive to them (“As we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Galatians 6:10, emphasis added).
  • Barnabas aims the majority of their aid at Christians living in Muslim environments.
  • Barnabas channels money from Christians through Christians to Christians.
  • Barnabas channels money through existing structures in the countries where funds are sent (e.g. local churches or Christian organisations).
  • Barnabas uses the money to fund projects which have been developed by local Christians in their own communities, countries or regions.
  • Barnabas believes they are called to address both religious and secular ideologies that deny full religious liberty to Christian minorities – while continuing to show God’s love to all people.

Find out more about Barnabas and their current initiatives at

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