Children’s Ministry

Children’s Christian Education

Postpomned until further notice.

Sunday Children’s Christian Education Hour – designed for ages 4 years through 5th grade – meets @ 9:30AM in rooms 8 and 9 in the educational wing of the church. This year’s themes is Guided by God’s Promises. Our children enjoy listening to Bible stories, making great crafts, participating in community projects and playing handbells.  Please come and join us!

For more information call the church at (760) 375-9768.

God’s plan for our world has not changed since the moment of creation. God created a world for people to work side-by-side in a community of love, justice, and peace. However, humanity rejected that ideal and turned to selfishness, oppression, and violence. The world turned upside down, but God never gave up. Throughout Scripture, God established a vision of a peaceful kingdom. God’s people continued to turn away, and God continued to love them. From this love came a promise of a future leader who would establish God’s kingdom for everyone. This Messiah came in the person of Jesus whose ministry embodied the kingdom of God. Jesus’ mission led to his death on a cross, but through his sacrifice he triumphed over sin and death. After hisresurrection, Jesus commissioned his followers and gave them his Holy Spirit. It was now their work to spread the good news throughout the world, including the promise of the end of death and the final arrival of the kingdom.

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