Michelle's YWAM DTS


Aloha! What a week! I am just loving it so much here! I've learned so much this week about God’s deep love that he has for us, discerning his voice, and learning how beautiful his creation is around us. One of the theme this week I learned about following Jesus is that in order to fully allow him to work in you, you must lay down your old-self, and pick up your cross. In order to have breakthrough, sometimes it really means to break through burdens, anxiety, depression, trust issues, or anything to cross. It’s not an easy road, and I’ve been challenged so much with spiritual warfare, but I have the right to confess that he is Lord. Ps I will send updates of this week by the end of Sunday and email me your mailing address for postcards!
Thank you for your continue support and prayers!❤️🌺🌺


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